Raspberries & Amphetamines


Hi, I’m a pastel punk, and I don’t do drugs I just really like the musician Yungblud. So yea, I like writing poetry, and short stories. I have a soft spot for edgy characters and I enjoy writing them. I haven’t written on here in a while so this should be interesting.

I’m thicc, I really like Heathers (musical and movie), I love cats, slushies, and spikes. My life philosophy is: Do no harm and take no shit. I’m lowkey tired of everything and don’t want to deal with any more idiots than I already do. I tend to vent when I write by the way. My stories are open to the GRSM (gender, romantic, and sexual minorities).

I love fresh fruits, working out, ice skating, makeup, combat boots, wrestling, dark chocolate, boba tea, coffee, girls, and cooking/baking. I am an artist and intrigued by phycology.

Aesthetic: 3am in a Denny’s,combat boot, pink spikey hair, leather jackets, retro radios, soft indie music, bruised eyes, pink platforms, Barcelona, wanderlust, lollipops, lo-fi with rain, constantly changing, chipped black nails, red cheeks, purple boba tea, violet candies, gauges, split tongue

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