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i am blaze, i am a writer, a musician, an actor, and a high school student that’s always dying in work so if i haven’t been posting, there’s a 69% chance that’s why.

i love reading books and watching shows- so i’m in a ton of fandoms but i’m always into the arrowverse, it’s my comfort fandom. i also listen to music 24/7, with a ton of different genres, but my taste has been described as ‘half white girl gay pop & half weirdcore’ which i’m not sure is good or bad.

i have tons of unfinished WIPS bc i love writing and have a bunch of ideas but you know… i’m a huge procrastinator- most of my characters follow the lines of ‘chaotic gay jerk with an affinity for fire and has a lot of trauma’. i love them all though.

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pronouns: they/he

active status: it’s show week, i am SO BUSY. i won’t be making moves till at least june, so sorry!

age: above 13 but below 18

alignment: chaotic neutral

other things: skateboarder, really bad artist, theater kid, piano player, and very friendly. feel free to message me for no reason but at your own risk, as i will become very annoying and forcibly become your friend.

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some AWESOME people ✨


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