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About me: I’ve been doing play-by-post RPs since I was 15, and it’s what got me started on wanting to write. I try to play a wide variety of characters, male female, alien, whatever. And while on some things I’m very conservative (you’re likely to never see a curse in one of my posts - unless it’s a literal magic curse - and I don’t do sex scenes), I like making life difficult for my characters. Even if I have a strong leaning move card-wise, I’m likely to up the drama for myself. I try not to mess with others’ characters, but there ya go. Setting wise, I typically lean more toward the fantastical than the realistic. (The day you spot me in a Medical Drama is the day I might have had some kind of psychotic break.)

I just got a new job working the evenings in a call center. I have a couple of online classes I do online, so some of my time goes to that. Plus I’m active in my church congregation and have assignments to fulfill on that end. Lots of things to do!

Love Storium, hope to see you out there!

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