Hi there. I’m gonna put a list on of people I know here on storium.

@M1dn1ght ( Awesome writer, and one of my best friend’s sister.)
@TheMasters ( my Amazing brother and best friend)
@BonnieBennett ( My vampire diaries addicted sister)
@Flarepyren ( @M1dn1ight’s extremely weird friend that is super cool. follow her or she will kill you. : )
@Greta ( one of my closest friends. Be warned, she LOVES anime. A lot. A lot a lot. A lot a lot a lot. 🙃)
@Gleamybean. (@M1dn1ght’s friend otherwise known as “Tall Girl” according to @TheMasters.)

and that’s it. I hope you find them here on storium, because without them, my life would be dull. Yes, all of them. To all of you, thanks for making my time so far on storium enjoyable. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ. Also, thanks to @TheMasters, for introducing me to the world of Harry potter and Percy Jackson. I’ll forever be grateful. Also, I love books.

Merry Christmas!!

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