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I’ve been a roleplayer since 1982, when I discovered Traveller. Since then I’ve dabbled with more tabletop role-playing systems than I can count, done a spot of LARP, Freeform, some roleplaying in MMOs, and the odd bit of forum roleplay.

I wrote a story game for game chef a number of years back:- in hindsight it wasn’t very good. Since then I’ve had the good fortune to work with a few published game designers on various projects. Nothing published yet, but watch this space, as we have something interesting in playtest.

My other hobbies include skiing, scuba diving, sailing and keeping chickens.

My games of choice are Fate Core, Smallville RPG and Monsterhearts. My authors of choice - Neil Stephenson and Jim Butcher, and I am currently watching Castle and Almost Human.

My highest aspiration is to bring up my three year old son to be an imaginative innovative free-spirit.

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