Ryan M


So, introductions.
I’ll likely be posting around 23:30 GMT every three days to every day, depending on how busy my other stories are.

I like my characters complex and realisticly motivated, and my horror/magic subtle and psychological (at least at first).

I think of Storium as a group storytelling game rather than an RPG, so I don’t mind people writing for my character as long as it’s believable for the character. I do try to avoid playing other peoples characters (because I’ve been chewed out in the past) but I might slip up, or do so minimally if the story calls for it.

I prefer longer post to short broken up posts, and I like to only play one card per post to encourage more in depth story telling…
think that’s all. Feel free to ask if I forgot something.

Time zone (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
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