My first role play site was GaiaOnline, then RPNation and lastly, RPHaven. It was a long road, but my favorite story so far was in GaiaOnline.

The plot was simple: those who are troubled are welcomed to a mysterious yet magical paradise. My character, despite finding this paradise, suddenly went ill after a few days of meeting a sweet, boy wizard. The wizard discovered that someone was casting a curse on her. He went to find the source and it was my character’s father. He was so obsessed with her that he hired a witch to ensure his daughter would return home; instead she was stealing her life-force. Long story short, the wizard defeated the witch and the father then lived happily ever after with my character.

That was my favorite story because it was the only one I ever finished out of all my years of role playing. I have a funny feeling Storium will change that.

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