Rowan Black


Budding writer, feminist, easily obsessed fangirl, tea–drinker, introvert (mostly), travel–enthusiast, epic snacker.

Fandoms: Harry Potter (Gryffinclaw), TMI (Warlock), Percy Jackson, Shades of Magic (Red Londoner), BBC Sherlock, Anything Marvel, Good Omens, This is Us…the list goes on.

I love books, movies, and tv shows in the following genres: Fantasy, Mystery, YA, Comedy, Romance (in the vein of Nicola Yoon and Becky Albertalli), Thriller, and the occasional middle school read (The 39 Clues, anyone?).

Further random information: I enjoy gel pens, colorful or metallic things and paper of all kinds. I am something of a journal hoarder. A perfect day is rain, reading and tea OR a warm sunny day for lazing and swimming OR a nice medium day for exploring. Other than words, my passions include fashion, food, crafting, drawing, and pinterest-ing.

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