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I am a child of God, a wife, mother, frequent daydreamer and a long time roleplayer from the pre EZboard days. My preference is contemporary and low fantasy but most anything can inspire me.

I am active with family and church most weekends.

I make typos and errors. Some days/weeks I settle for pecking away at a tablet screen to make somewhat disjointed posts. Others, I get luxurious amounts of time with a laptop. My habit is to post what I can, when I can, and fix mistakes later.

My elephant in the room is secondary infertility. I mention this because miscarriage and infertility, despite being so common, are dirty, little black words people sweep under the rug. And women generally face this alone for very long periods of time. If you are one of them, this is for you. You are not alone, and I get it. Completely. Every single emotion you feel is valid. I’m praying for you.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SUSPENDED GAMES occurred during a time of loss/grief. I am prone to bouts of silence and I’m still learning the rhythm of grief anniversaries. Hugs and heart beats for those that know what I mean. <3

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