Lilymist of Windclan


I like to read. yay. =) I use big words, but you probably will not believe my extent of intellect. Whoa! I used a big word! Take that you people! Ok, this might be offensive.

I am a proud Ravenclaw- yes I am smart. Rolls eyes.- and a Thunderbird. My patronus is a…………. red squirrel. Big surprise. =\ .

I love to do drama as well as reading- I think you got that by now- and sketching, though I am not good enough to compare with my friend’s. I also love to do origami. Hey, I’m actually quite good. I also play the trumpet in the concert band.

My profile picture is of a flower I took a picture of in Italy on top of Capri Island

-Lilymist~ Proud Ravenclaw/ Thunderbird, owner of the red squirrel. (also a winged mutant)

Maximum Ride: You wish.

Me: I do!!!!

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