Nunya Beezwax


Nothin’ much to say here. Uuuuhhh, I’ve dabbled in writing and rp. I’m obviously looking to do alittle of both on Storium. I hope to level up my social, literary and storytelling abilities while scratching a creative itch, maybe grow it into a hobby again.

Favorite book- Fahrenheit 451
Rpg- Mutant Chronicles 1e
Video game- Phantasy Star Online 1+2
Movie- Too many, uuuuuuhhhh maybe The World’s End or Final Fantasy Spirits Within
Show- currently King of the Hill
Comic- The Sixth Gun

Time zone (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Joined Aug 2, 2023
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Playing... "Voodood" in In Pieces: A Wasteland Pirate Story


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