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The Games at Proxima Centauri

When the Emperor died, a civil war broke out between two rival claimants to the Imperial Purple.

You backed the wrong side.

Now you’re here. As a Roman, you understand all too well the ancient dictum Vae victis, woe to the vanquished. Some things never change.

Not even in the 22nd Century.

Many of the losers were given parole or amnesty. Others were tried and executed outright.

Not you. You’re special.

Along with a score of other conspirators and rebels, you’ve been selected to undergo trial by combat in the Arena. If you manage–somehow–to survive seven days of combat, your death sentence will be commuted to lifetime exile on some asteroid mining camp or a distant colony, perhaps on Titan.

If you don’t, well…vae victis.

The Games at Proxima Centauri is a game of gladiatorial combat in which players will be pitted against a variety of opponents…some NPC’s, others your fellow players. In addition to your gladiator character duking it out in the arena, each player will have a second character, a person who is sitting in the stands having a ball enjoying the mayhem taking place in the sand.

Hosted and narrated by: Tacronicus Cornelius (Tacronicus)

Completed 01/27/17. Scenes played: 15

License: Host License