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Doktor/Wither ● they/them ● illustrator & writer

Hey there, y’all ! I’m an artist and creative writer, currently in full-time community college classes. Despite this, I’m good at managing the workload, so I will be very active here daily (usually at night) !

I’m 17 years old (birthday is 8/31), and I loooove roleplaying and collaborative story writing.

I originally joined Storium because I was looking for some people who might help me develop my story concepts so I could turn them into full plot-lines. I seem to have a bit of difficulty with doing this COMPLETELY on my own, so it’s really helpful to have collaborators.

That said, I’m still very interested in contributing to others’ stories ! So HMU if you think I’d be interested in joining yours. I’m mostly interested in psychological horror, historical fiction, slice-of-life, and drama. Love fantasy/creepy elements as well, but just not high-fantasy and traditional horror.

Anyway, I look forward to writing with y’all !

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