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What percentage of uniqueness is acceptable

Information about what percentage of the originality of the diploma is acceptable, as well as in which program the check is performed, is conveyed to the graduates at the department. You can always clarify this with the diploma supervisor. Most often, universities indicate 70% in the requirements, but the requirements can be either more stringent (up to 85%) or more loyal. The mechanics of checking also play a role: for example, whether a bibliography is included in the document being checked.

Increasing the originality of the diploma

Having discovered that the level of uniqueness is insufficient for admission to defense, graduates think about how to increase the originality of the diploma. The first desire is to find a method to bypass the system, to deceive the verification program. But the algorithms are getting more complex, and it’s not easy to do this today. You can refer to english editing services to increase the originality of your work.

Rewrite in your own words

Rewriting text is the most honest way to increase originality. Usually, this is the kind of work that teachers require from a student: to read the material, comprehend it and retell it. In this case, not only individual words change, but also the grammatical structure of the sentence. The English language is quite rich in constructions, for example, you can replace participial clauses with subordinate clauses, select synonyms. With a deep study of the material, even a living person will find it difficult to understand that the text is taken from one or another source. The disadvantage of rewriting in your own words is that it is very laborious and time-consuming

Collect from many other pieces

The time when it was possible, without hesitation, to copy a diploma in whole chapters and go to defense, is long gone. You should click for info to discover another ways about decreasing plagiarism percentage. Some students believe that if you sculpt text from small pieces taken from different sources, you will be able to bypass the control. Of course, such a scheme is better: at least it will not turn out that several people in the workflow match up to the last comma. But programs will catch such plagiarism as easily as “solid” - just the report will indicate not one source, but their entire list

Order an increase in uniqueness in the service Edititus

Regardless of how much originality a degree needs to be, the surest way to reach your target is through professional help. You just need to fill out an application on the https://editius.com/academic-proofreading/ website , attach the text that needs to be finalized, indicate the verification system and the minimum permissible percentage of originality. The order form is shown in the figure.

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