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There are many advantages of a best selling product in a women’s clothing line. It increases brand recognition, helps the company gain additional revenues, and provides exposure to new customers. Advantages of Best Sellers in Women’s Clothing:'s clothing is a very important market and the demand for fashion women’s clothing has increased over the past few decades. Women’s movements have been trying to fight social inequality and oppression in many ways. They have been changing their hairstyles, clothes, makeup, and more. But the issue that continues to be a major source of tension for them is the lack of clothes for men. Men are not able to express themselves freely like women can in terms of style and fashion. This is one reason why there are so many shops specializing in men’s clothes as opposed to women’s clothes. Women have also been fighting for equal rights which include wearing makeup free from harmful chemicals but also not having to wear it at work or public places during certain hours due to laws regarding their right to privacy. With

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