Hi! I am a girl who joined Storium hoping to get more creative in writing :)

I read a lot and have read Harry Potter several times, Narnia, Percy Jackson, and tons more by the way! I am currently on the last book of Fablehaven and love it so far!

I also write a lot and have done most of my writing elsewhere. I am writing several books not on Storium at the moment. I finished my first one last year. I do not plan on publishing it though because it was more of a practice. I am currently writing a book series right now. I am on the first book and plan on publishing it if possible. It would be great if some of you guys could look into it when/if I publish it. It’s called “The Magic Box”. I plan a lot of twists and turns and have an exciting plot for it. I hope it turns out well.

J. K. Rowling is my role model for writing. I love all of the detail she puts in her stories and I love how clever the plots are. I think what troubles me most for writing is characters. The main character is not a problem though. It is just hard to make it more realistic. Each character has their own story going on. I feel like I don’t include that in my stories very well. I intend to get better at that.

J. K. Rowling always includes that (if you read further this may include spoilers for Harry Potter so don’t if you haven’t finished the series yet!). Like with Tonks in Harry Potter. Tonks is in love with Remus Lupin, but no one knows that yet.

I love to write, on some occasions more than reading. I love any thrilling adventure, even if it is not fantasy. For example: I love watching superhero movies such as Marvel and DC. My favorite Marvel characters are Captain America and Spiderman. My favorite DC character is Batman and Robin.

I love stories with character development. It really brings stories to a satisfying conclusion. Like Marvel. Another thing I love about Marvel is how there is a bunch of small stories that lead up to a big one including all of the characters. I intend to make a lot of progress on Storium and intend to become a better writer. I really hope this works for me!

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