I’ve recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and while I am taking medicine to help minimize symptoms, there are times (days, sometimes a week) where I may be unable to make a move due to pain, fatigue, and fibrofog. Please be patient with me! Thank you :)

The Narrator

  • My narration style, according to the Storium Theory: Narrator Types tends to be similar to Attendant. My games are based on a world, setting, idea, theme, or scenario without a clear, defined story. But, I’m stepping into other narration styles to see how I like them.
  • I like to focus on role playing and the experience of the game more than creating an interesting story, though I do try to strive for that as well.
  • I’m still a fairly inexperienced narrator but I try to pay close attention to the characters and create a story with challenges relevant to their strengths, weaknessess, subplots, and goals!
  • I can write quite a lot! Some of the scene endings and beginnings (in Mouse Guard, especially) have gone over 1000 words. Normally, this is because I detail certain moments that aren’t challenges and probably don’t need to be played out. During these, I try my best not to control the player characters too much, and leave a bit of a “Silent Protagonist” feeling where they can add their character’s reactions in their head, or even in their first move if they’d like.
  • Settings I most often narrate include players as animals, either anthropomorphic or not, but often with sapience and intelligence.

    • Mouse Guard: Fall 1189 is an episodic story based on the Mouse Guard comics and RPG. The three characters are anthropomorphic mice in the ‘Mouse Guard’, which is a group of mice who are dedicated to protecting the Mouse Territories. Each chapter is one mission, and a mission consists of 3-5 scenes: Set-up, Traveling, Mission, Downtime. The missions are currently loosely associated with each other, but they will not always be.
    • Eruditus Animalis is a post-Lovecraftian horror world where the Great Old Ones have awakened and/or returned to Earth, spreading their foul magic across the land. While humans have gone insane in the wake of their return, animals have been gifted human-level intelligence and sapience. Many animals go mad or die from the sudden information overload, but a chosen few called “The Enlightened” are able to retain their sanity and now have to survive in a corrupted land filled with crazed humans, beasts, and otherwordly monsters.
    • Peculiar Familiars is still a work in progress, but will be a more directed and guided high magic fantasy investigation story with certain scenes and challenges in mind. Players will absolutely be able to affect and alter the story, but there is an overarching plot mystery with certain clues and locations in mind. Characters are familiars summoned by magic users who have mysteriously vanished and are called by another familiar whose master has similarly disappeared. They will work together to discover what has happened to their masters and stop the looming threat behind the disappearance.

The Player

  • As a player, I prefer playing non-human characters. Anthropomorphic animals, monsters, animals, etc.
  • Settings I like include High Fantasy, Medium Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Anthropomorphic Animal Fantasy (Mouse Guard, Redwall, etc), and Cthulhu Mythos/Lovecraftian Horror, but I am open to other settings.
    • In A Mews & Delight I play Marrow, an elder bearded vulture who can be a bit crotchety or grumpy at times and loves to share his “wisdom” with everyone, even if they don’t want to hear it. In his old age, he tends not to care what other people think of him, and he also has a habit of invading personal space.
    • In Dreams of the Red Tyrant I play Lilith Louvain, the offspring of a human woman and an otherworldy monster. She’s plagued by horrid nightmares and occasionally fits of madness due to her heritage, but when she has moments of clarity she is a very calm, elegant, and composed woman who judges no one by their circumstances of birth, but by the content of their character.
    • In No More Happy Endings, I play Estelle. Estelle is my take on the daughter from the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale ‘Donkey Cabbages’. Estelle has been transformed into a donkey after her mother, a witch, tricked a hunter and forced her daughter to aid in her deception. She cannot speak in her donkey form, but uses her body and exaggerated movements to communicate with the rest of the group. Inside, she is a scared and sheltered young woman, who is quite non-confrontational and submissive.
    • In Dìomhair- The Shrouded Isles, Re-awakening I play Vashja Sarevess, an impulsive and vain mermaid from beneath the waves who has taught herself how to slither on land like a snake. She can sometimes be dismissive of others, but she does have a good heart and seeks to to right by all.

I have a HUGE Mouse Guard world based on the Mouse Guard comics by David Petersen and the Mouse Guard RPG by Luke Crane created with over 200 cards, including places, characters/obstacles, strengths/weaknesses, assets, and goals, in addition to some character art templates made from official Mouse Guard art and a list of official Mouse Guard names. If you’d like a clone of this world send me a PM and I’d be thrilled to share! All I ask for in return is you leave the credit on the Game Info and any feedback you have.

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