On vacation until further notice

Just a funky human being who likes stars and cafès. And science. And art. And writing. And music.

Say… I like a lot of things don’t I?

Many people refer to me using my full username but you can also call me Starry. Some might also associate CoffeeAndCurses as a username for me as well, but typically it’s just stardustcafe or starry. Feel free to use any pronouns for me! Although if you’re indecisive (like me) they/them is always a good go-to. I am under 18 currently and attend school, so if I’m less active during the winter/fall months it’s probably because I’m busy with schoolwork and it’s draining my energy (apologies for that).

Fun Facts!

  • I know bits and pieces of Spanish from a few years ago. I’d love to learn French but currently I’m learning ASL.
  • I draw! My imaginary album covers tend to turn out the best lol.
  • Feel free to DM me about random stuff, especially if I have been or will be in a game with you! I love to chat.
  • I know many Greek myths and love to talk about them.
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