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The absorptive furniture on sofas makes them targets for persistent smells. However, you can combat smells with common home items. Maintain sofas clean, and vacuum cleaner them regular to obtain eliminate odor-causing compounds. Put a covering or cleanable slipcover on the sofa if you have actually a animal or children that worsen the problem.
Step 1
Put a fabric conditioner sheet inside an cover, and slide it under a sofa cushion.

Step 2
Spray sodium bicarbonate on the furniture, and leave it over night. Vacuum cleaner up the sodium bicarbonate the next day.

Step 3
Blend 1 component white vinegar with 3 components sprinkle in a spray container. Spritz the furniture on the sofa. Don’t saturate it. Let it dry.

Step 4
Spray salt under the pillows of the sofa. Vacuum cleaner it up the next time you clean the sofa. Turn the cushion and spray salt under the new side.

Step 5
Spray fragrance on cotton spheres, and slide them under the sofa pillows.

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