somebody :)


Pronouns are she/her, and you can call me Lily if ya want.

I like writing and all that. I hope to one day publish a book of my own.. the only problem is I seem to have issues with staying committed to writing one single book for extended periods of time. Heh.

Oh, if anyone cares- I like anime. 👀
My favorites are One Piece(I’m not caught up yet but I’m on the Dressrosa Arc), Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer… basically anything with likable characters.

In case you can’t tell by that little section, I’m big on good characters. So usually it doesn’t matter what the plot of a story is- if I can manage to make a character that can fit in and that I like, then I think I can probably put up with just about any story or genre.

Except for romance. Yeah, no thanks.

But yeah, if any fellow weebs would wanna do an anime or anime-themed game, I would l o v e that-

Because I’m a big weeb, I’m gonna dedicate a little section of my profile just to One Piece. If you don’t care, then skip past this. I won’t mind. If you’re considering watching it, do it. You will n o t regret it. I exaggerate a lot, but I’m not right now. It’s literally changed my life. Everyone says it’s too long of an anime. But it’s really not. In my opinion, that’s what makes it so amazing. You have hundreds of episodes to get to know the characters, and it feels like you’re going on the adventure of a lifetime, right there with them.

Okay, enough rambling and fueling my obsession. Back to stuff about me.

I also think music is pretty cool. I play the cello in my school’s orchestra, and love doing so! :D

Speaking of music, a friend recently got me into Tally Hall and now there’s always at least one of their songs playing in my head at any given time. I can’t stop. Send help.

I also love to draw.

I do play some video games. Right now, my current gaming obsession is M i n e c r a f t. It’s nostalgic since it was a huge part of my early childhood, is infinitely replayable, and is a million times more fun with friends.

So uh, yeah. If you’ve read this far, you must be at least a little interested. So if you’ve got any game ideas you think I’d like- or even just wanna talk about an interest we both have- feel free to PM me! Just a warning, I’m not too great at talking to people I don’t know well, so it might be kinda awkward at first.

Oh, don’t judge a person by their pfp. Usually, I like to write more lighthearted and comedic characters. But- if needed, I can write some d a r k stuff. And that’s a promise. Nothing’s really off-limits for my writing. Except for… awkwardly clears throat uh.. romance and other r e l a t e d topics.

Sadly, I don’t have a membership at the moment, and I’ve hit my max of 3 characters… I’d love to join a bunch more games, buuuut I can’t. So if you wanna invite me to a game, I guess expect to wait quite a while.

Aaaand… that’s about it! Sorry, I made that unnecessarily long. :/ I just feel like if someone’s interested in writing with me, then it might help to get to know me a bit. :) Heck, even if it’s not to collaborate, I’d love to have an online friend with similar interests as me!

I hope everyone reading this has a nice day. :D

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