Sam Armstrong


More goatee than man, Sam is now in his third decade of life; but refuses to admit it. He is a con artist of epic preportions and regularly tricks people into thinking he is a professional who knows what he is doing…

On good days he gets to juggle with other people’s children, and sometimes he even gets paid for it. He has a secret love for dressing as a pirate, but tends to look like his mum when he wears mascarra. He has 7 vehicles with 8 wheels between them and he is typing this while sat on the toilet. By day he is the kind of superhero no one ever wants to meet, and by night he is a cheese eating, wine supping old man with not enough wrinkles. His greatest achievement in life was helping Frodo destroy the ring of power, and his greatest regret is not having invented the paperclip.

Time zone (GMT+00:00) London
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Handed Off... Anaestus Galen in DC's Roman Stellar Imperium


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