Veteran of yeeeeears of gaming and storytelling, fan of fun and interesting ideas, things and people; employed, married, mom, student; in love with books, cleverness, nerdy pursuits, my family, spelling, grammar, music, dancing, and good old-fashioned escapism. Backed the Kickstarter pretty much the minute I found out about it because REASONS. SO MANY. Currently I am: 1) Enjoying narrating a ridiculous, improbable, highly entertaining steampunk adventure, 2) Considering starting up a good old-fashioned shameless fanfic game or maybe just a gritty-ish urban fantasy that could theoretically take place in any of a number of established ‘verses. Or hell, maybe both. 3) Looking to join up with games run by/with people I don’t already know to both broaden my horizons and run this awesome site through its paces from the other side, 4) Hoping those people are fun, literate, and serious enough to play but not enough to argue motivation for hours on end ;) and 5) trying to figure out how to get my markup to work in the bio. Sigh.

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