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Hello there! I’m a huge anime/Pokémon fan. I also love “Regular Show,” “Adventure Time,” “The Amazing World of Gumball,” “We Bare Bears,” “The Powerpuff Girls,” “Steven Universe,” “Top Gear” (British version), “Doctor Who,” “CSI: Miami,” “Mythbusters,” and so goes on. My preferred music genres are classic rock, metal, death metal, hardcore/screamo, all forms of EDM/dance, soundtracks, Christian metal, 80’s music, 70’s music, K-Pop, J-Rock, J-Pop, and 60’s music. Favorite artists/distributors: Bring Me the Horizon, Beartooth, Yes, Led Zeppelin, coldrain, ONE OK ROCK, BTS, EXO-K, BIGBANG, MONSTA X, Pillar, From Ashes to New, Monstercat, etc. I’m also an aspiring author and artist and love to game.

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