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Grapes need full sunshine and support for their canes from a fence, trellis or arbor. The support should be strong, yet simple enough so the vines don’t become entangled, making pruning difficult. Plant grapes in soil that drains well because they will not grow in soggy conditions. Grapes require fewer nutrients and less water than grass, fruit trees or garden plants.

Plant grapes in a hole deep enough so the major portion of the root will be at least one foot deep. Grapes are very sensitive to 2,4-D and should not be planted close to where this chemical will be sprayed for weed control.

Good fruit production requires good pruning technique. If the vines are growing on a fence or trellis, the plant should be pruned in the early spring, leaving only two to four good canes. These canes should each contain about 20 to 30 buds. After pruning, the cut surfaces will bleed, but this won’t hurt the plant.

The Front Range area has winds which cause drastically fluctuating temperature and humidity during the winter. Only the hardier grape varieties should be grown there. The Western Slope, with more stable winter conditions, is more conducive to growing wine varieties and other grapes. If your Grapes varieties knowledge don’t perfect, you can find information with plant identification guide -

Along the Front Range, varieties such as Concord, Perlett and Beta are successful. Concord Seedless is a mediated fruit producer with medium vine vigor and high winter hardiness. Perlett is a European variety producing white, early season fruit. Beta fruit ripens very dark colored in September and can be used for making juice or wine.

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