I’m pretty interested in getting involved in genres like horror, sci-fi, thriller, and even superhero stories. I’ve got some experience with role-playing, especially with my Twin Brother – we’ve been into those Roleplay tabletop games with pen and paper. Oh, and I used to contribute to the school paper, and I’ve taken a few creative writing courses to help develop my skills.

I’m drawn to stories that are gripping and keep you engaged. You know, the kind that leaves you hanging and eager for the next chapter. And, well, I do have a bit of a soft spot for those unexpected hero sacrifices – there’s just something powerful about that narrative twist. But don’t worry, behind any attitude I might give off, I’m pretty easygoing and friendly. So, yeah, I’d be up for some exciting storytelling!
I also like anime, manga, hentai, and stuff. Boh Comics/Graphic Novels and shows.

Right now I’m watching “Fom” a

Thanks for checking me out - like what you see hit me up.

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