Kat Bailey


Keeping m o s t of the following for nostalgia’s sake, but I’ve had to go through a whole hell of a lot of shit since I last played Storium. If you knew me from back then, and are worried, feel free to shoot me a pm and I’ll explain everything.

That being said, I felt like it was the time to get back on the horse, so … here I am! A raging dumpster fire, swept along almost delicately by the winds and waters of a tsunami.

• • •

Since PMs were FINALLY implemented, I’ll just say that if I’m not already on Storium, you can reach me a lot quicker at ██████@gmail.com, or on AIM at [REDACTED].

I am female, ██, a vet tech looking to get into vet school, and I have an avid interest in werewolves, horror (survival AND psychological), steampunk, dromaeosaurids, animal characters (wolves, cats, lions, whatever), history (specifically Renaissance Italy), and the SCP Foundation, but I pretty much roll with the punches and will try anything once. (Heavy-duty sci-fi sometimes takes me a little while to wrap my head around, though.)

Wondering why I vanish sometimes? Here we go: I suffer from hardcore depression and anxiety, with a dollop of mild agoraphobia and severe moodswings. If you notice that I’m not posting as often as you’d like, PLEASE be kind should you decide to inquire about it, (So I could use love and hugs if y’all have any to spare. ♥)

• • •

P.S.: The reason my play preferences are all over the place is that, well, my tastes vary a lot, depending on the game, the host, how well I enjoy playing my character, and so on.

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