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Kite Durand


Geohedral mechanic, extrastellular navigator, unicorn whisperer, dungeon master, and all around dark mistress of the sarcastic trousers, writing is her passion and privilege. Cross this author and you may receive a welt, a whimper, and a whisper. Extravagant in design, extensive in vocabulary, and extraordinary in conduct, this narrator crafts in complexities and weaves in wonders. Light of lips and heavy of hand, there are stories alight in the eyes.

She likes things and stuff too.

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Hosting... Test Run 1 (narrator)
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Word Count 6,060
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  • Narration style: single
  • Game style: focus on writing
  • Collaboration style: standard
  • Visibility: public with private commentary
  • Story format: epic
  • Speed: normal


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