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My first RPG experience was sometime around 1992. I’ve been gaming ever since. I’ve got too many degrees and too much real work for my liking. Still GM once a month, but I write a lot more fantasy stuff than I can use at that frequency. I really should be making a living as a writer, but I have too many ideas to do that. I just can’t bear to spend months and months fleshing something out when it means that a dozen other ideas will never see the light of day. When storium popped up on kickstarter, it was just the wrong time for me to jump into it. I’ve been kicking myself for not doing that ever since, as it’s 100% up my alley. I really wish I hadn’t missed that boat over the last year or so. I had a 3 year run on Battlemaster that I had to give up in order to crank through the rest of a graduate degree. (General, Duchess, Duke, in Coria and the Cagilan Empire, if you ever spent time there.) I think I’m now at a good spot to crank out some serious writing. And I’d like some partners. * I can probably write a bit most days. I don’t know that I can guarantee every day for months on end, but I should be able to hit 5-6 days a week on a regular basis. Not sure yet if I should be narrating or playing. Maybe both?

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