I am Dareka,

I may be not the best writer in Storium, but I’m invested in every game I participate in. I find great joy in Anime, DnD (Pen in Paper in general) and Video Games. If u wanna talk about anything write me a message. My favorites;

Cartoon - Tom and Jerry
Anime - Naruto (my favorite, not the best)
Movie - Spirited Away
DnD Class - Barbarian
Color - Blue, purple and a dark wood brown
Book - The never ending story; from Michael Ende
Bands- Starset, Imagine Dragons, Die Ärzte, Seeed
Animal Monkeys, Charmeleon and Turtels
Pet - Cat (no i dont hate dogs, just prefer Cats)
Video Games - Mario Games, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 3 (and any other Game I can have fun with)

Anything else you wanna know, as I said PM me.
I am also glad to help anyone with character creation, the game or anything else related to Storium.

Time zone (GMT+01:00) Berlin
Joined Aug 6, 2023
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