Scott Allen


From an early age, I knew, that I enjoyed writing. I would often, lug my mother’s electric typewriter out of her closet and set up on the kitchen table. The hum of the machine, the thunderous pounding of the keys, the smell of wet ink on paper.

I have been and continue to be many things. Most importantly: a husband, a father, a teacher, a friend. These parts of my life have been the most rewarding. I live, love, and teach in Arvada, Colorado. I am a high school English teacher and I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. I currently serve as the department chair at Pomona High School, and I teach Freshman English and AP Literature and Composition. I am a reader for the AP Lit test.

But I’m also a writer, a reader, a purveyor of film and television, an occasional video gamer, and a board game addict.

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