Emilia Elizabeth Krysten


I love Fantasy, Romance, and Historical Fiction, although I dont mind a SciFi or Realistic fiction now and then. I also enjoy theater, movies, and various kinds of music. I would like to enjoy art, but I’m simply just not very good at it.

I love Storium, it’s a fun way to write and think, and I will be on fairly frequently (because I have no life) but I do sleep, so I wont be on every second of every day.

And if you want to obsess about books, shows, movies, musicals, music, or magic with/to me, please, feel free! Right now I’m listening to musicals (as usual- Scarlet Pimpernel in particular), and We the Kings. I’m re-watching Gimore Girls Season 2, and re-watching JoJo Rabbit.

Time zone (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Joined Mar 30, 2020
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