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I’d call myself a 1st generation gamer, which means that my highschool friends and I were the first people in our school… and possibly the first people in the state of Maryland, to play D&D. (Before AD&D, even). I’ve played a lot of rollplaying games since then, but spent the most time with D&D, Traveller, Call of Cthulu and Toon. A couple of years ago I was also part of a writing/fanfic game based on Stargate Atlantis.

I’ve also been a fairly prolific fanfic writer, since around 1995 or so. I began with Star Trek, mostly TNG but a little TOS as well. Then I fell in love with Stargate Atlantis and have written several volumes worth of fanfic there. When that fandom sort of petered out after the show ended I began to dabble in that old classic, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 95% of what I write in fanfic is m/m slash.

When I’m not writing fanfic, I also write original fiction and have two large, multi-volume universes I’m working in now, one in a space-opera-ish setting and the other in an alternate historical and steam punk-ish Prague.

I currently live in Prague and teach English here, so am a native speaker of English (with very good grammar) and am an intermmediate speaker of Czech. I would love to play a character with a Czech background in a game, or possibly run a game with a Czech historical or legendary background.

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