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Everyone’s mental reaction to external stimuli is different. For adolescents, it is peculiar, with its own defence mechanism. For some, the word “stress” means nothing at all: they are not prone to self-eating, bragging even during a knowledge cut-off, displaying an elephant’s peace of mind. And manage to earn high marks in the process. Others, on the other hand, who are particularly responsible, become nervous, even though they stand a good chance of passing the exam with flying colours.
Worry disrupts thinking, answers don’t match examiners’ expectations, and the emotional block can undo all previously deserved results. Any pupil, no matter what they are told about the risky prospect of not getting a diploma, needs to brace for the best case scenario. Today’s graduates should understand that tests will accompany them throughout their lives, so from the schoolroom they need to learn to control their emotions, so that exams will seem like a real holiday.

How to calm down before an exam

Experts state that excitement in a mild form is even useful: it activates the thought processes. Pupils are often anxious during tests and even when facing the blackboard. They pull themselves together and end up demonstrating a certain level of knowledge. But when it comes to the culminating test, on which their fate depends, many kids drive themselves into a state of panic. But not everyone knows how to calm down. This, too, can be learned. Especially as there are simple and proven methods which are sure to help reduce stress on the eve of the exam. Read more about how to keep your mental health safe during the exams here:

Sleep - to help

Preparation is always exhausting, and pupils even fall asleep over their books. Waking up can result in feelings of exhaustion, loss of concentration and anxiety. There is only one conclusion: you need to recover properly after a busy day.
To do this, make a diary of your training regime. Designate time there for activities, outdoor activities and, of course, nightly rest. Try not to use gadgets or watch TV for an hour before you go to bed, which will help you gradually unwind. Also, when you go to bed, put your phone and books away so that your brain can get used to resting and get used to the fact that lying horizontally is what it’s all about.
The duration of sleep is also important: you have to stay in the arms of Morpheus for at least 8 hours, otherwise fatigue will accumulate. So try to take a nap during the day if you get twenty to half an hour - this will also reset the nervous system.

Vitamins and water - your best friends.

Nutrition also affects the degree of calmness of the teenager’s body. The brain needs to be fed, and it should be supported preferably with the right foods with no side effects that cause anxiety. Many teenagers stress eat sandwiches and pizza, sweets in unlimited quantities, then another “grind” soda. This is a temporary appeasement, after which the worry about the extra pounds is added. You have to indulge yourself, but with the right foods. Meat, cheese and as much fruit and vegetables as possible should be in your diet. Even if you have a reduced appetite, make yourself a snack. Apples and bananas, strawberries and dates boost your mood, fresh vegetable salads give you the energy and lightness you need.

Before exams, you should forget about coffee, give preference to juices, green tea and try to drink as much as possible. After all, water is known to be the best sedative and the main source of oxygenation for the brain.
Get into an activity mode
If you want to get away from distracting thoughts, go outdoors and simply breathe some fresh air. Walking in green park areas or along unfamiliar routes reduces your concentration on the upcoming exam. Motor activity always helps to distract you - stress hormones turn into joy hormones with every step.

In this case, a universal exercise that can be done both outdoors and at home also comes in handy. This is a universal exercise that can be done both outdoors and at home.

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