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World of three realms

This story circulates around three realms, the dark realm, the light realm, and the grey realm.

Grey realm

Normal, regular earth, except that there are gateways to the light and dark realms.

Dark realm

The dark realm, as assumed from the name, doesn’t have much sunlight. The cities are smaller, though just as advanced. Instead of having large, tall, compact areas of space, dark realmers live in their own, mostly spacious homes, with the small exception of a few of the largest cities. There are less clumps of cities, and more people living out in the country. Towns, however, are frequent. The dark realm has many different forms of government, though they do have to answer to elite that keep them from being cruel.

Dark realmers have certain defining traits. Most of them manifest in each dark realmer, however, each dark realmer has their own personality, and variations to these traits and how they take to them:
-Often emo/goth

Dark realmers are hurt by light in the gray world, and cannot stay conscious in the light realm.

Note that each realm has equal amounts of races, and the word ‘dark’ does not refer to race. No racism will be allowed, nor anything relating to racism.

Light realm

Reachable by going to the highest point on the other side of the moon, this is a duplicate of our earth, almost. Decisions that formed our system did not go the same way, and it is currently ruled by a king. King Lux collects much tax for his large army, but, besides preventing certain problems, leaves the society mostly alone. The cities are large and very modern; some cities are floating or flying, but all cities are more advanced versions of cities existing in our world. The light realm is covered in light. Even in places that should be pitch black, daylight is there.

Light realmers have their own medley of different traits, though each person is unique and outliers are allowed:
-Down to earth (yet still optimistic)
-Hard working

Light realmers are hurt by the darkness in the grey realm, and cannot stay conscious in the dark realm.

Note that light does not refer to race. Equal amounts of every race is in each realm and nothing pertaining to racism is allowed.

This game will be played a bit different than most short stories; it is possible for 10 cards to be played per scene, and challenges may include more objectives than one per challenge, and cards will build off of each other.

In the game, two people, one from the light realm, Rael, and one from the dark realm, Khinda, have been captured by scientists in the grey realm. You, and a few others, are trying to change that. However, you have been cornered by them. You meet in a small, not too reinforced prison, that you must fight out of.

Five years ago, when the other realms were discovered, one of them leaked a certain gas to make all guns, canons, and other such weapons using gunpower, explode. Few died, however, people have reverted back to using knives, swords, bows and arrows, crossbows, a few purely electric guns in high level government areas, tasers, pepper spray, spears, catapults, fire, and even boiling water.

Hosted and narrated by: I am a figment of your imagination (Fictitious)

Started 12/13/18. Scenes played: 1

License: Community License w/ Creative Commons