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Venus Rising: A Sci-Fi Romance

Find Love Among the Stars!

It’s the singles get-away of a lifetime - Six days, seven nights at Morning Star Resort & Spa on the hottest planet in the solar system…literally.

Since the first colony was established on Venus, floating on the lifting gases in the planet’s upper atmosphere, the travel giants have been drooling at the prospect of true space tourism. Cruises through Earth’s atmosphere long ago lost their exotic appeal, and the bored, wealthy elite are looking for something new to brag about and rub in the noses of their friends and neighbors.

For over a decade, governing authorities prevented travel to Ammisaduqa, the first floating cloud-city established on the planet by any one other than carefully-screened colonists, engineers, construction workers and other service technicians on short-term contracts.

With the establishment of another, much larger settlement, Avicenna, the colony has slowly been opening itself up to for-profit companies. Shops, restaurants and entertainment have slowly been establishing themselves in the new venue - first for the colonists…and now, tourists.

You would never have been able to afford a trip like this, by yourself, of course. Besides the monetary cost, traveling to Venus still takes time; your week-long stay will end up lasting about three weeks, travel-time included. You won’t be awake for most of that; most of the transit is spent in stasis. Still, it’s out of the reach of the average citizen.

Fortunately for you, as a publicity stunt (or more likely for guinea pigs, the cynics mutter), the first Venusian tourists have been selected through a lottery. At the low, low cost of 10Φ per ticket, nearly everyone on the planet bought in, and the cost of your all-expenses-paid trip was more than covered.

Of course, not everyone is convinced this is a great idea. Rumors swirl about aliens, strange diseases, solar ray exposure…terrorism. After all, why would they only take singles if it wasn’t dangerous?

“Nonsense,” Virgin Galactic representatives say. “There’s no danger whatsoever. Besides, Venus is the goddess of love and lust, making this the ideal romantic get-away location. Morning Star is simply the hottest new destination in the solar system!”

The truth, as it always does, probably lies somewhere in between. You probably won’t die horribly in the cold vacuum of space…but the slimmest chance that you might adds a certain piquancy to life. Regardless of what happens, though, this is going to be the trip of a lifetime. And who knows? Maybe you will find that special someone you’ve been looking for…

Individual Games

In the interest of keeping the main game PG-13ish, separate, NSFW game instances have been created for individual pairings.

Hosted and narrated by: Felix (AFABulousBoy)

Started 04/06/16. Scenes played: 21

License: Host License