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Traveller: A Planetary Romance

Lets write a sandbox style Planetary Romance! The setting is 1105, 3rd Imperium era, District 268. The rules are a home cooked Storium adaption of the Cepheus Engine’s middle out method of scene resolution. If none of the above made sense don’t worry. Gritty, open ended, interpersonal, crew dynamic storytelling is what I’m looking for.

Most importantly keep in mind that Space is an unforgiving place. Your character may die within the scope of our storytelling. They certainly will should you, their writer, need to take your leave of the narration before it’s wrap up. To ease the blow put some thought into what kind of planetary romantic death would you like to write about. I’ll do my best to narrate those circumstances when the time comes.

Hosted and narrated by: Loup-de-Lou Valentine (Valloup)

Completed 07/23/17. Scenes played: 3

License: Host License