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Tokidoki Magic Crush: Emerald

Tokidoki Magic Crush: Emerald

St. Yroge School for Gifted Young Men is a prep school of the highest quality. The most talented of the kingdom attend, including the heir to the throne. And you have transferred there for your final year of pre-college schooling. Maybe you’re here to study or maybe you’re here because you have to be.

But on your first day of schooling, you find yourself surrounded by a host of attractive young men from all walks of life. Dragons, demons, vampires, and more can be found walking the schools, all the cream of the crop in their chosen walk of life. Getting your schoolwork done has become a lot harder.

Will you find true love before the end of the year?

Or utter disaster?


It’s a boy on boy supernatural storium dating sim!

Looking for one player. If I can’t decide between participants, I MAY open multiple versions of the game. Check the green room for further details, don’t be afraid to message me with questions.

Hosted and narrated by: Meg (Lunarflight)

Started 06/10/17. Scenes played: 4

License: Host License