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The Trouble with Heroes

The end is nigh. War is coming. The ancient Sages have heard it on the wind. The Witches have read it in blood and bone. The learned Scholars have translated it in obscure prophecies. They have foretold a doom of cataclysmic proportions — and it’s salvation in the form of six chosen heroes. These heroes will battle the oncoming darkness and save the world.

You are not one of the heroes. You will polish their armor. Or, translate that ancient text for them. Perhaps, if you’re lucky (or unlucky), they’ll bring you along for the final battle. You can hold their gear while they Save The World™️.

You will join the entourage of the chosen warriors on their ship, The Red Rose. The ship is magical and will provide what the heroes need as they need it. It has an armory, a barracks, a library, a smithy and anything else that the chosen heroes need on their journey.

Adventure awaits! Or, y’know, the inevitable boredom of waiting for your employers to return from their exciting, danger-filled quest.

Hosted and narrated by: jaw (jawed)

Started 12/08/19. Scenes played: 5

License: Community License