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The other side

Welcome to the other side. Before I start a short historylesson, be aware once you enter you can not return. If you are taking here against your will, please ignore my former warning. Trust us that we know this is best for you and that you are in good hands. Here you can have the live you dreamed of and even more.

Is your choice made? By you or other? Are you willing to stay? An excellent choice my friend! So a short introduction: Other world was created in 1458 by the greatest and most powerfull sorceres, telekinetics, reality wrappers, elementals and many other ultrahumans. No, you aren’t the only one, this is where you belong, this is YOUR home, your family. Though this all might sounds utopic to you, I am affraid the reasons of this epic creation wasn’t so euphoric. In that time whichhunting was a real thing, a real genocide, we were terribly outnumbered. And the attemps we made to defend our kind were gruesome, unfair and eaqualy terrible. But like the rest on earth, we evolved eversince. Otherside is a land, another dimension in addition to earth. All misticall beings live here. Some dragons, some unicorns, mostly ultrahumans though. And cats! tons and tons of cats, you see some stereotypes are right, and back then wiches and wizards liked cats. But don’t call anyone a witch or wizzard, some families still hold grudges from those acient times.

You will now enter other side, you will find yourself in Chariton the capital of otherside. If you cross the street you will find HOTEL ‘Alio Forte’. There you will get a room and they will help you to start your life here. The first nights are free, finding a job and making money is expected.

Hosted and narrated by: Loudertje

Started 03/01/19. Scenes played: 4

License: Community License