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The Fall

This is a reboot due to gaping plot issues with the original. If you weren’t part of the original game but you’re interested in being part of this game, you can get in touch with me via PM.

‘Chaos is a ladder.’ - Game of Thrones

Beneath a patriotic facade, an uneasy tension lurks between the Motherists and those still loyal to House Ionem and the Old Gods. From the outside, Derru is a brave island nation united behind the joint forces of the Royal House and the Red Sisters. On the inside lurk grudges and conspiracies. Inevitably, things will fall.

But with tragedy comes opportunity. The cards will topple and neighbour will wage war against neighbour. Anything is possible.

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Hosted and narrated by: Suzanne (ShushanENA)

Started 10/27/17. Scenes played: 1

License: Community License