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Temple, Tower and Tomb

A party of adventurers are sent on a quest to recover powerful artefacts. Can they beat the temple, the tower and the tomb?

This story is based on an old 2nd edition D&D module. The narrative sticks closely to the old published adventure, but the players are creating something new and shiny.

Wiping the vizier’s stinging teleportation dust from your eyes, you see you are on a desolate, rocky coast. The sea crashes in foamy waves behind you, and inland are steep-sided hills cut by deep ravines. About 70 paces ahead stands the pocked and discoloured ruin of a temple, choked with ivy and debris. Its marble columns and arches tower above the shore, still imposing despite the decay.

The words of the vizier echo in your minds as you look upon the ruin. “Amnissos is an ancient god of decay and chaos. He is no longer worshiped, as his death-loving cult has long since disappeared, destroyed centuries ago by Leonidas, the mighty paladin-king. All of Amnissos’s fallowers were killed, driven away, or converted to the worship of more benevolent deities. But the temple where his followers practised their evil religion was originally raised to Serfino, goddess of courage and steadfastness. Serfino’s loyal followers were driven into hiding when the worshipers of Amnissos desecrated the temple and took it for their own.”

You think grimly of the task that awaits. The Hesper was an important tool in the hands of Amnissos’s priests. The crystal ball will have been kept well guarded. Without this artifact in the hands of the Autarch, the peaceful land of Kezmet will soon be overrun by the savage orc forces of Nebedlim. When you have it, you are to find your way back out of the temple and smash the smoke filled vial that the vizier gave to you. He will see the signal and teleport you back to the Autarch’s palace.

You look at each other silently and together take your first faltering steps towards the temple.

Relationships (as established in scene 1)

Nicoli is trying to protect Carynna, she is not receptive.

Carynna wants to rebel against Kaluros but deep down wants his acceptance.

Gristmar is a loyal friend to Alyn

Alyn wants to make a rogue’s alliance with Nicoli

Kaluros to Gristmar?

Hosted and narrated by: Richard Sharp (Riven)

Completed 10/03/17. Scenes played: 10

License: Community License