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Survivor: Storium (Season 2)

Survivor: Storium (Season 2)

The SMASH HIT Storium Game is back for its second season. Catch up and read Season 1 here!


For decades you’ve watched as hundreds of people were dropped into the middle of nowhere with nothing but their wits. Then they had to compete against others in the hardest competition on Earth through hunger, exhaustion, and a complicated social game.

Now it’s YOUR turn. You’ve been chosen as one of the few lucky people to have your shot at the title of Sole Survivor.

Setting: Modern day on a deserted island.

Tone: Fun, competitive, and strategic.

Number of players: 15-20

Player roles: You are a contestant on a survival gameshow.

Gameplay: Each chapter will consist of time to mingle / socializing with your tribemates, an immunity and/or reward challenge, and then Tribal Counsel. Only the winning tribe or individual (later in the game) is safe from the vote. Once you are voted out, you become strictly an observer. When we are at the end, the eliminated players will vote for the winner.

This game will rely heavily on the Storium private message system in order to help with the secret voting and also if people want to scheme without other players knowing about it.

First Scene will be: All characters will be on the island beginning the competition. There should not be any existing relationships with the other players.

More details via Storium forum:

Hosted and narrated by: Aaron Crocco (MacStainless)

Started 11/02/15. Scenes played: 40

License: Community License