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Spirit of the Akanti

Spirit of the Akanti is a gods & worldbuilding game with a focus on a specific People, the Akanti, and building their civilization over time. Players will play the Akanti’s gods. (The Akanti will have no NPC gods, only the gods the players create.)

Gods in this game alternate between two states: Dancing and Dreaming. Dancing gods are active and powerful for a few hours or days, then revert to their Dreaming state, where they are all but inactive and answer prayers only autonomically. The purpose of the Dream is to allow for meaningful timeskips and allow the Akanti civilization to grow, without needing every player to say what their character is up to for such-and-so years off-screen.

Scenes will alternate between Dancing and Dreaming. All scenes will have a two week real world time limit in order to keep the game moving. If you don’t play in those two weeks, it just means your character didn’t wake up for that particular Dance, or didn’t influence the Akanti during that Dream, and the game moves on without you.

The game as a whole is designed to be able to keep the pace going despite players stalling out and coming or going. All gods are manifestations of the Spirit of the Akanti, which means that new gods can arise from this Spirit with no preamble or explanation, and can fade into obscurity similarly. Hopefully this bypasses the need to explain what happened to Jim Bob’s character when Jim Bob was eaten by his job for three months, or the need to explain how Mary Sue’s new character appeared out of nowhere.

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Hosted and narrated by: Kana

Completed 07/14/18. Scenes played: 13

License: Community License