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Revival of the Extinct

Have you ever watched Jurassic Park? I don’t need to ask that question. Of course you have! So you should know…some things were meant to stay in the past and for good reason.

In this story, you are invited by your friend, a physicist named Douglas Floyd who is on the verge of something “Life changing”. Following him, you are all teleported into the past where the Earth was still roamed by Dinosaurs. With only you and your newfound friends together, you must fight to stay alive and figure out where Douglas is so you can get back to your own time period.

As the story begins unfolding, you realize something is not quite right with the situation you are in. There is more at stake than your own survival. Your very presence in the past may create a time paradox and put the whole world in grave danger! Get back to your own time before it is too late!

Hosted and narrated by: Azriel (XxZEExX)

Completed 10/26/22. Scenes played: 12

License: Community License