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Red Door

Red Door

Red Door

unofficial, unauthorized, just for fun, theme song

So, what’s this game about?

Since very early on I’ve wanted to play a Doctor Who game, but the fun part of that show, for me, was always the character drama and how it fed off of the very cool scifi–almost Twilight Zone-esque–situations they usually find themselves in, specially from the one-off episodes. But there’s just so much prewritten history that you have to account for to run such a game.

The solution I came up with is to have a bunch of realistic, grounded, non-Doctor characters, and have them experience some of the more fun Doctor Who situations, or variations of them. All with an emphasis on the character drama, the interpersonal stuff, and how what happens affects all of that. That’s the hope at least.

I bet it’s still very confusing, as this is going to be highly experimental, so please go to this thread and ask me any questions you might have.

Character Creation Notes

First of all, I don’t expect a lot of applications, but just in case, I don’t think I can narrate too many players, so the cast will be small. 6 or maybe 8 if I’m feeling adventurous.

The characters in this game will be tenants in this ancient, five story, brick building that’s tucked away–almost hidden–somewhere in the LA region. I expect most scenes to take place somewhere inside, but who knows.

I’ve created a few Nature Cards as example, but the idea is these will be people who came to Hollywood to make it big, but are currently down on their luck. It doesn’t have to be showbusiness.

Building Layout Doc (sorry it’s not a proper floor plan, it’s hard)
Please refer to the above link to get an idea of what the building will look like, who the current tenants are, and in which apartment you want your character to live. Ideally, at least one character should be new to the building, but it could be more, or none, we’ll make it work.

There should be nothing supernatural about your character, though that could change depending where the story goes, but we should start with blank slates in that regard.

And lastly, please see the “Host Rules” section for possible problems for potential players, aka, deal breakers.

Hosted and narrated by: gunslinger

Started 10/18/15. Scenes played: 17

License: Community License