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Raven on a Wednesday

“It’s never going to work. They are just too old.”
“That age brings insight and instinct that the typical young kids and teens just don’t have. Really, the dossiers in these files are our last hope to get the city back.”
“They aren’t the last hope…”
“I know what you are thinking and turning to the Leeches to help on this is simply out of the question.”

Raven on Wednesday is a story about adults discovering magic and personal supernatural legacies in the world around them.

This is my first time narrating on Storium, so please be kind. I have been updating/customizing cards and getting things ready! If you have a character idea and aren’t sure about card selection- let me know and we can come up with something that will be a good fit.

Hosted and narrated by: R F (Iviniae)

Started 07/17/16. Scenes played: 2

License: Community License