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r e d m o o n

The Pitch:

Players belong to a shadowy and not entirely on the up-and-up organization called Red Moon. Players have very little direct contact with Red Moon and receive most of their ‘jobs’ and payments through dead drops though there is the occasional phone call or direct meeting with a representative. Each character has a red circle tattooed on their left inner wrist – unbeknownst to the characters this permits their occult tracking by Red Moon.

Intended to be ‘episodic’ where each Chapter is a new short story or TV episode taking place in a new location. Story arcs and call backs are encouraged but it isn’t intended that there is a direct track from Location A to Location B then to Location C that needs to be followed.


Mostly the back roads and small towns of early 1970s United States with possible excursions into northern Mexico or southern Canada.

Belief in the supernatural is at the same level as 1970s America. Groups like Red Moon are responsible for eliminating supernatural threats and suppressing evidence and witnesses.

Characters are encouraged to be morally grey though in the end they are the ‘heroes’ if only because the villains are so much worse. The characters live on the road with one another between jobs so close familial ties where family would be regularly interacting are discouraged – which isn’t to say everyone should be orphans just that they shouldn’t be going home to the husband/wife and kids at the end of a job.

For pure human agents Red Circle supplies shots that boost healing allowing for full healing of most injuries between jobs.


Grimdark. Gritty. Humor is fine but it should generally be light as the story isn’t intended as a comedy. Some inspirational series like Supernatural and The X-Files have occasionally run episodes that veer more comedic but everyone should know something like this upfront before starting a comedy Chapter.


Vampire$, Night Stalker, and Supernatural.


Not intended to be ‘plot heavy’ in the sense that the Narrator has a linear track that players are being run on. I would really like to try the Rotating Narrator approach where there is a new Narrator every scene to help create narrative twists and empower all of the players in world development.

Science should not be viewed as having some parity or advantage to the occult in the game. For example, if a monster is harmed by sunlight this does not translate into it being harmed by UV unless the Narrator specifically designs the monster with that in mind. The goal is for most enemies to be more folkloric and occult rather than SF aliens skinned to look like supernatural threats and to avoid the trope where magic is just another word for science.


Try to avoid flashy D&D magic – i.e. fireballs, magic missiles, etc. Big powerful spells should be rituals and require time and components. Curse type spells are the ideal combat magic (striking someone blind, causing them to have a heart attack, making them lame, etc.)

Hosted by: D.P. Moring (Moring)

Rotating narration

Started 07/04/17. Scenes played: 2

License: Community License