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Pangaea: Weapon of Fear

The year is 2041. In this story, you’ll play one of the few people that stand against Pangaea using their own research against them! You and your team will all play critical roles in not only to defeating Pangaea but you’ll also infiltrate key Pangaea members within their mind with the hopes of manipulating them to do your bidding! Be warned, getting killed in their head will mean death in real life. That’s if they don’t find and kill you first!

The world is a different place then it was 20 years ago. Now with the formation of Pangaea, the world is united once more. Not to be confused with the super continent Pangaea that formed well over 250 million years ago. First it was the League of Nations then the United Nations, each of these organizations have talked about maintaining international peace but both have failed miserably. The Pangaea of the 21st century is a one world government.

How is Pangaea so successful? Everyone is kept in check with constant surveillance, threats, secret police, and a no tolerance policy in regards to both petty and severe crimes. Usually these crimes are met with harsh penalties including: Life in prison, forced castration, electric chair, hanging, firing squad, etc. All of which is shown on televisions on a daily basis. This “Perfect Society” as they like to call it is here to stay with no opposition. Well maybe not all hope is lost, Pangaea scientists have figured out a way to “change” the minds of it’s subjects, they’ve called it “Weapon of Fear”. All the research and equipment used in this experiment was stolen by an unknown group. Oh well, a regular citizen like yourself doesn’t need to worry about that right? Who dares challenge the world itself? Well if you’re brave enough, that person could be you.

Hosted and narrated by: Azriel (XxZEExX)

Started 07/25/21. Scenes played: 8

License: Community License