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A cloud of bats soars over a forest at dusk, heading towards a sinister red glow in the distance woods.


by Scott Sigler

Welcome to a fun, intense take on Justified meets Ghostbusters. Welcome to Salyerville, KY, affectionately known by the monster-stomping populace as “Slayerville.” More monster hunters per capita than any place on Earth, and with good reason — they also have an epidemic of monsters.

With a population of 1,883, the place nicknamed “Slayerville” would never be considered a big city. And yet in this tiny town creatures of all shapes and sizes pour forth from a dimensional rift, and local families have hunted them for generations. The Netherworld Protectorate, the world-wide monster hunting organization, has its headquarters here.

Now, aspiring monster hunter, it is your turn. You will take up the reins of famous families that continue to hunt creatures to this day. Can your clan keep up the good work? Or will your people be ripped apart by the unending evil that gushes forth into our world?

Created by: Scott Sigler (scottsigler)

Based on Hunter Hunterson & Sons. (This world may be inappropriate for young audiences.)

World type: Open

image source: Meagan Trott