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In a smoky club, a man with a fedora nurses his drink as a jazz band plays and a man with a gun guards the door.

Harlem Godfathers

by Maurice Broaddus

Between the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, the Harlem Renaissance flourished. Not just a neighborhood, Harlem was a world within a city - a world of nightclubs and speakeasies. Here, a seemingly endless panorama of fine suits and elegant dresses garbed those poets, music, artists, and gangsters who lived and acted in the area. Though Prohibition was in full effect, an underground scene of social clubs and speakeasies sprang up to serve people’s need for alcohol. Amid all this, the underground economy grew due to the effects of the “policy operators” and their numbers racket, which attracted the attention of many who wanted in on this action.

Created by: Maurice Broaddus (MBroaddus)

World type: Open

image source: Giorgio Baroni